Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (2024)

This Free Comfort Dolls loom pattern is the easiest knit doll pattern ever. I warn you – they can become your new yarn obsession. These little guys are made using the 24-Peg small loom.You just need to know one stitch and this online article includes a video tutorial to help with that. There is a little hand sewing involved but nothing the average person can not handle.

Comfort Dolls are also known as Izzy Dolls, Duzuza Dolls, Pocket Pals and sometimes as Softies. They are a great way to use your left-over yarn.

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Comfort Dolls FREE Pattern

Take a look at a few Comfort Dolls made by folks around the world. Talk about variety. It’s amazing how creative peoplecan get with a little knitted tube and some love.


NOTE: Used worsted weight yarn. Two strands as one.This pattern starts from the bottom with the feet / shoes.

Fora Printable PDF: Click HERE


Loom: 24-Peg Small Loom

Yarn Used: Scrap Yarn mostly worsted weight

Embroidery Floss

Yarn Hook and Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle and Embroidery Needle ( or one large enough for embroidery floss)

Skin Tone for dolls in picture above post: Red Heart Super Saver: Color – Cafe Latte

Shirts: Red Heart Super Saver: Color – White

Hats and Pants:Caron Vickie Howell Sheepish: Color – Chartreuse– For the Little Guy in Green

Girls Red Hair: Bernat Soft Boucle: Color: Red

Other: Left-over yarn I’m unable to name

Eyes and mouth : BlackEmbroidery Floss

Skills Needed: Knit Stitch, ( U-Wrap or Flat )





Feet – Shoe or Skin Tone

5 Rows

Pants– Change color

14 Rows

Shirt – Change color

12 Rows

Face – Change color

10 Rows

Hat – Change color

11 Rows

Finishing Touches

Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (5)

To create the feet – Close the bottom opening using the Gathering method like you would do to close a hat. Next feed a matching thread through the middle to split for feet.

Stuff the doll, with poly-fil or even left over matching yarn – As you work your way up

To create the arms– From the pant’s waistline up to the top of the shirt, feed thread that matches the shirt on two sides

To create the neck – Feed a thread through the top of the shirt between the purled line and the face . Pull the thread hard then wrap it the neck, tie the strings , cut extra thread, push knot into the knitting.

To create the face – Use yarn or embroidery thread to add the facial features. For the nose and ears use strips of yarn. – See video below for detailed instructions.

Wholly the Loom Knit Clown has a different pattern. He is larger and the row count for the shoes, pants and shirt are different. Although you can follow the video for the overall concept on how to make Wholly it’s best to use “his” pattern. Click below for a link

For a FREE Pattern for Wholly: Click HERE


Video Tutorial

It’s a good idea to watch the video completely before starting the project. This will give you the confidence of knowing each step in sequence and that the project is doable.

Feel free to comment or ask question in the comment section below or on the YouTube channel.

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Charities that Need Your Comfort Dolls

ICROSSand the Health Partners

These folks are in Canada. They send medications to children in Africa. The comfort dolls are used in the packaging of the medications to keep the bottles from breaking. Once the meds are received the dolls are distributed to the children. Love the concept. Talk about maximizing your space.


I love this group. It is very near and dear to me. They distribute hats, blankets and toys to The Childrenof South Africa. This site includes an awesome forum.. including one forloom knitters.

Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (8)

Dolly Donation

Sara is a beautiful doll designer that generously gives away her patterns, her dolls and her virtual space to get little dollysinto the hands of little girls around this globe. There are ongoing projects that you can take part in all time. Check out the latest on the website homepage. It’s a great place for some Comfort Dolls

Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (9)

Comfort Doll Project.blogspot

Per the website: The Comfort Doll Project is a group of artist who create and donate their beautiful dolls to be delivered specifically to women in domestic abuse shelters.

The project was founded by Pat Winters, to reach out to the courageous women who have made their way to help. We want these women to know that they are not alone. The project is now run by Brenda Hutchings and all of her blog followers.

Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (10)

My Note: This project prefers the dolls be 6 inches or smaller Reduce the number of row – each section by 1 or 3 rows. Best to make the dollies a bit more fancy and more girly


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Comfort Dolls - FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial (2024)


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