100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (2024)

If you’re in need of some Relief Society activity ideas, you’re not alone. Here’s a whole slew of fun, engaging ideas that all of the women in your ward or branch will enjoy. Check it out!

100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (1)

The Relief Society is the women’s organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was organized in March 1842. Members of the Relief Society work to “increase their self-reliance, enlarge their talents, expand their knowledge, strengthen families, and reach out to those in need.” This is partly accomplished my holding activities every month. So, here are some ideas to help you plan the next activity in your ward.

100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (2)

Serving, Ministering & Fun

  • Treat night (bring fave treat and visit)
  • 1,000 Acts of Service Puzzle
  • Spring or fall garden party
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Favorite things party ($5 gift to exchange)
  • Game Night
  • January Jam-boree (make jam to give to ministering sisters)
  • Foot massage night (have the YW give foot massages to the RS ladies)
  • Self Care (lesson, bath salts and chocolate fountain)
  • January White Elephant Swap (what to do with that Christmas present you didn’t want or need)
  • Winter Picnic (blankets and sandwiches on the gym floor)
  • Bread and Jam Social and Workshop
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Relief Society Birthday Dinner (Wonder Woman theme)
  • Soups for Seniors (divide into groups, deliver freezer meal soups to elderly in ward)
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Filling Our Lamps Night (three stations – temple work, service, scripture study)
  • Birthday Cake in a Bag service project
  • Minstering in the 5 love languages (Elders quorum combined, panel of five experts to talk about each love language)
  • Happiness in Marriage (panel of three couples to talk about what works in their marriage)
  • Scatter Sunshine in a Box Service project (donate sunshine boxes to seniors and widows in the ward)
  • Weeding night (break into groups and weed the flowers beds in the ward)
  • Getting to “snow” you (speed friendshipping)
  • Super Hero cape for local children’s hospital
  • Secret Sisters
  • Jello Festival (Jello pie-eating contest, Jello mold competition, painting with Jello)
  • Relief Society Pen Pals (write letters to a different RS group on the other side of the world)
  • Service Auction
  • Taste Testing Challenge
  • Hygiene Kit Assembly
  • Sewing lessons
  • How to cut hair
  • How to use social media
  • How to change a flat tire
  • Witch’s night out Halloween Dinner (everyone wear witch hats)
  • Cupcake Wars
  • New move-in baskets
  • In her shoes activity
  • Escape Room
  • Girls Night Out (invite YW to do pedicures, manicure, braiding, etc)
  • Senior Night Tea Party (welcome the incoming graduating seniors, spotlight, tea party food)

Developing talents

  • Paint night
  • Cross over the line get to know you questions
  • Baking night (how to make bread, cinnamon rolls, etc)
  • Bring your own craft night
  • Swap n’ Shop night (bring an item to swap with someone else)
  • Self Protection night (spiritual, physical and internet safety)
  • Yoga and smoothies night
  • Job Fair (booths around the gym)
  • Book Night (PJs, popcorn and discussion)
  • House of order night (three 20-min classes on budgeting, organizing and cleaning)
  • Self defense
  • Skills night (have select sisters teach a skill)
  • Missionary memories (members who have served missions talk about the culture, food and experiences where they served)
  • Rec Center Night (volleyball, basketball, racquetball, indoor track, gym equipment, rock wall, billiards, ping-pong)
  • Swim Party
  • Emergency Car Kits
  • “Let’s BEE better at ministering” (BEEngo, having a BEE in our bonnets)
  • Easter Activity (rock painting, resurrection gardens and Christ art gallery)
  • Gardening Night (learn about different gardneing methods)
  • Canning Night (learn how to can salsa, peaches or grape juice)
  • Couponing and Scone making
  • Organizing 101
  • Pie Night
  • Tie Quilts
  • Freezer meals
  • Field trip to fire station (learn emergency prep skills from firefighters and learn how to use a fire extinguisher)
  • Outdoor survival (how to set up a tent, find clean water, knot tying, etc)
  • Community Scavenger Hunt (break into group and find clues as you learn about the history of your community)
  • Visit to the local art museum
  • Etiquette Night (learn about proper manners during dinner to pass on to your kids, include the Dinnertime Game as an idea

Strengthening testimonies/Spiritual

  • A night with the Patriarch (invite the YW as well)
  • Vision board journals (notebooks, old magazines, scissors and glue)
  • Gratitude journals
  • Family History Night (indexing, online resources, etc.)
  • General Conference Recap and hot cocoa (bishop could speak)
  • Sister Bingo (get-to-know-you game)
  • Scripture Escape Room
  • Book of Mormon Murder Mystery
  • Turn on your Light Dinner (glowing lights at each table with speaker)
  • Who are my ancestors? (bring a story about your ancestor)
  • Building S’more Memories (guest speaker to talk about their own life, teach how to write own life history, s’mores for dessert)
  • Missionary Night (invite the sisters to give tips to sharing the gospel with others)
  • Book of Mormon testimony Night (write testimonies in Books of Mormon)
  • Light the World Statue Garden (Utah residents only)
  • Walk the grounds of the nearby temple
  • History of Relief Society slide show
  • Scripture Balderdash
  • Secrets of a Successful FHE
  • Teaching our kids and grandkids about p*rnography
  • Book of Mormon cover painting night
  • Speakers (Marriage, Health and Fitness, Finance professional, p*rnography, Depression, PTSD)
  • Virtual tours of church history sites
  • Gift for Jesus (prep take-home boxes for under the tree)
  • Jesus Activity (learn about the names of Jesus then make a craft with all the names of Jesus on it)
  • Religious Outreach Night (learn about the different religions in the world and ideas to reach out to our neighbors, guest speaker possibly)
  • Spiritual Preparedness General Conference Prep Night (general conference journals, speaker)
  • Consider the Lilies Nature Walk
  • Make What Would Jesus Do bracelets
  • Scriptures and scones (share your favorite scriptures and make scones)

I hope some of these Relief Society activity ideas will help you as you’re planning for your next activity. Let me know if you have any additional ideas in the comments below.

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100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (3)
100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (4)
100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (5)
100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (6)
100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (7)
100+ LDS Relief Society Activity Ideas for your ward or branch (2024)


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